With Covve Scan, you can easily export all your contacts in a CSV format!

1- Open the app, tap on the 3 dots (top right), and then tap on 'Export' -> Export all cards or select a specific Tag  

2- A menu will appear with options on how you would like the CSV to be formatted (Standard CSV/ Google Contacts/ Outlook), depending on how you intend to use it 

3- When you select an option, your phone 'share/save' dialog box will open, with options to email the CSV, store it on your device, or other ways to store it/ share it.
Did you email the CSV to yourself, but have not received it yet? Please make sure to check your spam/junk folders.

4- Once you receive the CSV file, you can use it to import the data straight into your CRM, or any other solutions you are using, or just perform further analysis.

Looking to export a selection of your cards?