Integrating Covve Scan with SalesRabbit is a great way to increase data entry efficiency. This Zapier automation will create a contact in SalesRabbit every time that you scan a card in Covve Scan, and will pass on all the details from the business card into SalesRabbit, without you having to type a single character!

Here's how to set this up in a few simple steps:

1. Access the Covve Scan - SalesRabbit template and tap 'Try it'

2. Make sure you are logged in your Zapier account

3. Go to Covve Scan and get your api key for Zapier. You can find it in the Covve Scan app -> Settings

4. Sign in to both Covve Scan and SalesRabbit to enable the Zap

5. From now on, all your new scans will automatically be sent to SalesRabbit.